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Victorian architecture is one of the architectural styles of houses that display the distinctiveness of the Gothic style, especially the Venetian Gothic style of Italy.

Old things are always things that have artistic value and uniqueness. Similarly, architectural style and interior design. The older the age, the higher the aesthetic value. And one of the most classic styles that shows that, is the Victorian architectural style.

According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, Victorian architecture is a style of Gothic Revival building which marks the movement from the sentimental phase to a higher level of accuracy. Its principles were first established in a book The True Principles of Pointed or Christian Architecture (1841), by Augustus Pugin.

Many Victorian designs adapt the decorative details and rich color combinations from Italy, especially the Venetian Gothic style. And although the ornaments look very complicated, they are usually not applied superficially, but grow “rationally” from the form and choice of material used.

A Brief History of Victorian Architectural Style

Victorian architecture is an architectural style that emerged in the Middle Ages until the late 19th Century.

Embedding Victoria’s name itself is not without cause. This term refers to the reign of Queen Victoria or also known as an era or era; The Victorian era.

During these times, Victoria was used as a designation for building design construction and also furniture models. The term Victorian is considered capable of representing British and French customs especially, which always gives the name of an architectural style to the name of monarchical power. And coincidentally at that time, England was under the reign of Queen Victoria.

In the 90s, Victorian style began to experience a receding period. However, that does not mean that no one uses it at all. And even so, the architectural style of this one still has a lot of fans, especially among people who really like the look of luxury expressed by the classic style.

Architectural Characteristics Victorian style house

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Victorian architecture is one style of home architecture that shows the grandeur of the Gothic style, especially the typical Venetian Gothic style of the Italian State. This architectural style displays a very strong impression of luxury, elegance, grande, and classy.

The architecture of victorian-style houses generally stands on a large area, featuring large and majestic buildings, with intricate but distinctive ornaments and carvings. Consisting of many rooms; several bedrooms, several lounge areas, formal and separate dining rooms, to a very large kitchen area.

Also, this classic European-style home page also has a very large size. It is usually designed with beautiful and magnificent landscape gardens.

Victorian-style house has a characteristic on the roof of a steep house with a peak like a cone equipped with cupola. The top of this type of building sticking up between the roofs, resembling a tower. It looks more like a royal palace building than a house.

Victorian style interior

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For furniture, Victorian style is equally luxurious. Victorian furniture is made from high quality materials and materials. The interior concept itself is filled with ornaments, ornaments, accents, and a variety of distinctive carvings. Ceiling moldings, arches or pillars, curves, sculptures, and perfect finishing, show a very elegant appearance.

Victoria’s interior is very rich in detail.

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