How to Identify Sewer Line Problems

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The Hills District is by far one of the best neighbourhoods to settle in if you want to live for good in Sydney, Australia. So, it would be a shame if your entire property starts getting insects and rat infestation, or gets engulfed in a foul smell due to a sewer line problem. 

With that, it’s important to find a Hills District plumbing company that can maintain not just your water supply system but also your sewer line.

But, when do you exactly call a professional plumber? Here are the telltale signs of a sewer line issue that can help you identify if there’s a problem that requires urgent attention:

1. Toilet and/or drain clogs

One of the main signs of a sewer line issue is when your toilet or bathroom drain is clogging. You will notice that water would back up out of the drain or your toilet. It’s also hard to drain and would take long for your toilet to flush down, and sometimes it may not even go down at all.

Clogs can also cause weird sounds coming from the toilet, especially when you use another fixture, such as a washing machine. Once you’re done with that, the toilet would sometimes sound like it’s a coffee pot brewing some coffee.

Clogging is one of the most common sewer line problems you’ll face. So, be sure you have a professional plumber’s number at the ready to have it fixed immediately.

2. Foul odour

Another telltale sign of a sewer line issue is something you can smell instead of see. Once you smell something foul, it’s a sign that there is a crack somewhere on your sewage system that is letting the foul sewage gas out. This can be extremely uncomfortable and even unhealthy, so you’ll want to have it fixed by a Hills District plumbing company.

Sewage pipelines are made to be airtight, so there is no reason you should be smelling sewage gas.

3. Pool of sewage water in your yard

If you suspect that you have issues with your sewer line, check around your yard. More often than not, there would be a pool of sewage water somewhere in your yard. Typically, the pipeline that has an issue lies exactly underneath the pool, which makes it easier for plumbers to know where they need to do some assessment.

This can be caused by several things: the septic tank is broken, the main sewer line has a crack, or there are clogged drain fields.

A professional would be checking your sewer line through a remote camera, allowing them to know the main cause and the best possible solution.

4. Mouldy walls

If the broken sewer line is behind your home’s walls, there would most likely be mould growth. This is common as mould tends to grow when there is an increase in humidity level caused by the cracked sewer line.

However, this sign may not be caused by a cracked sewer line in particular, as it’s also a telltale sign of a leak in your water supply system. Either way, it means that something in your plumbing system has gone awry and you need to have it checked before the mould growth spreads more and causes sickness such as allergies and lung problems.

5. Rat and insect infestation

Due to the smell and wastewater pooling out of cracked sewage pipes, rats and insects would become more common, since these creatures love to live in such types of environments. If you see rats and different types of insects, especially cockroaches and flies, hanging around when they weren’t there before, make sure you double check everything and look for more signs of a sewage issue.