5 Interior Design Concepts; What Interior Styles Can You Describe?

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Over the past decade, interior design has experienced rapid development. Supported by the results of research and studies of modern science, especially psychology, has proven the unique relationship between the concept of interior design and its impact on one’s psychology.

Believe it or not, the interior design concept that you choose and use is a reflection of your own character and personality. The style of design and decoration that you use, has a specific and show, and can find out what your character and personality looks like.

Over the past decade, interior design has experienced rapid development. Supported by the results of research and studies of modern science, especially psychology, has proven the existence of a unique relationship between interior design and its impact on one’s psychology.

Call it for example the selection of colors and lighting choices. These two things have a significant impact, not only on mental, but also physical.

If we try to trace, the unique relationship between interior design and psychological impact even existed long before, as found in some ancient beliefs, in the Vastu Shastra belief in India, or the popular Feng Shui.

Chloe Taylor, an art historian, in her column in psychology tomorrow magazine; “Aesthetics and Well-Being: How Interior Design Affects Your Happiness”, concluded, is an inexorable truth that home is the happiest place. And it is very important to realize that home is not only a place to promote happiness per se, but it can also be shaped and designed in such a way as to promote and get a positive effect on mood, which is very good for health.

Taylor’s conclusion was even justified, both by interior designers, as well as psychologists, or even other scientists.

Not only that, the many choices of styles and concepts of interior design as it is now, we can very easily determine which choice of concepts and design styles that fit and are suitable to represent character and personality. However, in addition to representing, of course, the choice of interior style must also be personalized in order to give a truly positive effect to each of its inhabitants.

Citing freshome, here are 5 interior design concepts (in infographics) that are most widely used today.

From these various interior concepts, we can find out and get an overview of what interior styles can truly describe and represent character and personality.

1. Modern Design Concepts

Modern design style is a design concept that emphasizes effectiveness and functionality. He can represent a modern lifestyle that is simple and flexible.

2. Contemporary Design Concepts

The contemporary style is actually not a definitive concept, but rather a style and spatial design concept that reflects current conditions.

To some extent, it has similarities with modern concepts, so that many consider ambiguous definitions and characteristics that are brought by these two design concepts.

Simply, contemporary design reflects the current style.

3. Traditional Interior Design Concepts

Traditional interior design uses a lot and shows ethnic style.

Traditional style shows the atmosphere of a neatly arranged and very well coordinated room. Decorations with floral motifs are often used in this interior design concept.

Traditional design is considered to represent a lifestyle that is close to tradition. It leaves a natural and natural impression, just like the characteristics carried in the rustic interior concept.

4. Industrial or Urban Design Concepts

The concept of industrial design is characterized by a strong impression on an unfinished room, or the impression of letting everything present and seem unfinished. Exposed brick walls, iron material, exposed piping, open ceiling construction, and so on.

Industrial interior design represents a modern, fast-paced, and simple lifestyle. This design concept is also attached to the strong character that represents masculinity. This is also often referred to as a modern urban design style.

5. Classic Design Concepts

The classical interior design style originated and was inspired by ancient Roman and Greek styles that relied on arrangement, order, balance and almost perfect harmonization.

This interior concept represents a luxurious, disciplined, well-organized, and neat lifestyle.