3 Most Common Causes Of A Slow-Draining Toilet

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Nothing is more annoying than a slow flushing toilet. Considering that another person might need to use the toilet next, it is definitely a pain waiting for everything just to go to the drain. Aside from the embarrassment, the issue of this toilet has to be addressed immediately. There are just clogged problems that the plunger cannot be the solution to. 

Blocked pipes are so upsetting, and hiring the right plumber is essential so that he can give solutions to the slow-draining toilet problem. So if ever you encounter a slow-draining toilet, here are the most common things that cause this problem.

  1. Low Water Level

In order to flush the toilet, enough water is needed. However, when the water level is too low, there is a high chance that not all of the dirt in the toilet will be flushed away. In this case, you may need to do the flushing several times. This can be upsetting, especially if you are in a hurry or if someone else is waiting for you to finish.

You do not need to worry because you can always check the level of water in the water tank. You have to see to it that the level of water is high always. You may also need to manually adjust the water float of the tank to make sure that the water freely goes inside. Ensure that the water level is at least half an inch to get the power flush going. 

  1. Something’s Blocking The Way

When something is blocking the way, you just need to expect that the water does not go down that easy. A common cause of toilet blocking is when something unnecessary is thrown in it—for instance, tissue paper, tampons and sanitary napkins, and even q tips and human hair.

You must do something to remove what’s clogging your toilet. There are numerous ways to solve this problem, just like using the plunger. You will be surprised that after a few minutes, you can see the solution to your problem already. You can also use chemicals to dissolve what is clogging inside your toilet. Moreover, you can also purchase a strong chemical that can help you with the blocks. If these things are too expensive for you, you can always check videos to help you out. In addition to this, if the problem is too much to handle, then call for blocked pipes Canberra experts.

  1. Calcium And Other Minerals 

One of the reasons why toilets are flushing too slowly is the mineral deposit that you see. In most cases, mineral deposits harden overtime in the toilet ports. These mineral deposits can block the proper flow of water. 

In order to address this issue, you need to remove these deposits with the use of a solution that can easily dissolve these. Once these mineral deposits are removed, you have an assurance that your toilet problem will soon come to an end.


One of the things that stress out homeowners is a slow-draining toilet. It is not only gross but also gives your house a smaller value. In this regard, you have to address this problem as soon as possible. You can only start by checking on the reason for the slow draining toilet.

There are three noted causes for this slow-draining toilet. For one, the mineral build-up can clog toilets. Second, the low water level cannot operate the flush properly. And lastly, throwing things inside the toilet can clog things up. 

These problems are not really that big that solutions can be done by yourself. However, every homeowner should know when to call a plumber. Mostly if the answer you have thought of is not working.