65 Incredible Loft Stair Ideas Small Room

Incredible loft stair ideas for small room (50)

When you live in a small space, the last thing you want to have taking up precious square footage is a big bulky staircase. But you still need to get up to the other levels in your home, so how? There are a few ways you can add a staircase to your small home that take up little space but make the place fully functional.

If you have a home that has more than one floor, you will need stairs. It’s as simple as that! The problem is, what if your home is small and can’t naturally embrace a standard set of stairs?

If you find yourself thinking that if you had a smaller staircase, your home would feel, look and be a lot larger, you’re in luck as we happen to agree with you.
Prepare to love stairs more than you ever thought possible!
Here are 65 examples of Incredible Loft Stair Ideas for small spaces.

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